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Ausable Chasm

One of the oldest attractions in the United States (est. 1870), the sites of the Chasm are breathtaking. Formed nearly 500 million years ago during a time geologists call the Cambrian period. View the famous Elephants Head and Rainbow Falls and take a family raft adventure through the Grand Flume and Whirlpool Basin.

Visitors enjoy walking along towering cliffs and through a primeval forest, peering into the gorge and floating the legendary waters of the Ausable River. Guests may ride an inspiring one-mile stretch of the Ausable River on a river raft, kayak or inner tube. Those touring the Chasm by foot have a stunning view of this great geological wonder.

Ausable Chasm is open from mid-May through mid-October, with trails open off-season (weather permitting), and is located just of Interstat 87, 12 miles south of Plattsburgh on Route 9. For additional information, call 518-834-7454 or visit the Web site at

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